About Us

It's All About You

Cosgn was founded to provide the support our founder, Marion Bekoe, wished she had when she began her entrepreneurial journey.
Despite not receiving that support herself, she made it her mission to help others, ensuring your journey is more enjoyable and easier than hers.
Our Story

You Win with Cosgn

Recognizing that financial constraints often hinder the pursuit of dreams, we’re committed to assisting you in establishing your online presence or business at no upfront cost. Through Cosgn credit, you can kickstart your online venture immediately, benefiting from a one-month grace period before any payments are due. There are no credit checks, interest, or late fees involved. Repay at your own pace, as your credit never expires. Plus, you can reuse Cosgn credit for various website or online project developments.

Our Values

You Own with Cosgn

You can take as much time as you need and pay any amount you wish while retaining 100% ownership of your business. You can cancel anytime after your credit is fully paid. We don’t seek any stake for helping you—that’s the Cosgn way. Just maintain your monthly subscription payment, which is separate from Cosgn credit repayment. The subscription fee covers our services and is non-refundable, but you can pay upfront if you prefer. The choice of payment method is entirely yours because we believe you should have that option.

You Continue to Win with Cosgn

At Cosgn, we don’t just say you come first; we prove it, we strive to WOW you in every aspect of our dealings. You are at the forefront of our business. When you subscribe to Cosgn credit, you’ll never have to worry about hosting fees or domain renewal fees—we renew your domain for you every year at no cost, ensuring you never lose your domain while with us. Plus, you get free storage, cash back on your weekly or monthly subscription payments, and many other benefits.

Whether you choose to pay upfront or use Cosgn credit, the decision is entirely yours. Our no-interest, no-late-fee policy ensures you only pay for what you use while growing your business and keeping all its profits. We don’t conduct credit checks because your past credit history is just that—history. We believe everyone deserves a fresh start and a chance to succeed.

You can repay your credit at your own pace and reuse it for multiple online business projects, as your credit never expires. Throughout this process, you maintain full ownership of your business and its profits. When we say WOW—Win. Own. Win.—it’s truly all about you.